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Turning to our company to get high-quality transportation using vehicles, you can count on several positive opportunities at once:

Detailed Logistics Development

This is something without which correct road transportation is simply impossible. Specialists will make sure that thoughtful logistics will help to deliver a specific cargo to a specific destination in the best possible way.

Compliance with Deadlines

This item is also directly related to well-developed logistics. The use of waste cargo networks allows predicting the estimated delivery time and setting the correct dates.

Affordable Price

Carriage of goods by road is one of the most affordable options for transporting goods over long distances.

Our Logistics Services:

Logistical services can be summarized as a set of actions to develop a chain of cargo delivery from one point of the globe to another. At present, «Absolute Logistics», operating in all sectors of logistics services, is able to offer its clients a solution to a logistic problem of any complexity.

Road Transportation

We propose to organize the international road transport of your cargo based on our extensive practical experience, which is a guarantee of high quality services.

Rail Transportation

«Absolute Logistics» provides a full range of services for the transportation of goods by rail from Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Uzbekistan and in the opposite direction.

Air Transportation

If you need to minimize the time for transportation, then the fastest and most reliable type of delivery of large and small cargo air transportation. Thanks to air transport, our customers save time.


Specialists of our company, who have many years of experience in organizing shipping, can solve any problem of sea movement of all types of cargo and choose the best option in terms of cost and delivery time.

Multimodal Transportation

Mixed or multimodal transportation is the transportation that is carried out by sea, road, rail and air transport using transshipment terminals where cargo is transshipped.

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