Railway Transportation

Rail freight has been one of the activities of «Absolute Logistics» for many years. We organize the transportation of goods by all types of rolling stock. We are distinguished by an individual approach to each client and attentive service, regardless of the complexity of rail transportation and the specifics of the cargo being transported.

Experienced specialists of our company will develop the most optimal route, and the process of moving goods by rail will be under constant control at each stage. This will minimize the possibility of damage or loss of your goods.

The carriage of goods by rail combines various processes consisting of a number of logistic operations that are aimed at organizing work on the planning and delivery of goods. The choice of the most cost-effective route for the transportation of cargo, as well as the detailed implementation of this route, contribute to cheaper transportation services. Efficient transport logistics, which lies at the core of our company’s operations, allows us to achieve tangible savings for our customers.

The complex of the additional rail freight services provided by Absolute Logistics includes:

  • Cargo transportation by railroad cars is the most optimal and widespread type of cargo transportation that allows you to quickly and safely deliver goods to their destination.
  • Combined cargo transportation carried out in trains, cars and containers, which makes it possible to transport goods without any restrictions on volume or mass.
  • Container transportations by rail with the use of universal containers, allowing to transport goods “door-to-door”.
  • Transportation of oversized products, carried out with the help of special trains.

«Absolute Logistics» provides a full range of services for the transportation of goods by rail from Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Uzbekistan and in the opposite direction. To organize the delivery of your goods, we use the services of only reliable partners, which allows us to offer you the most competitive rates.

In the field of railway transportation, Absolute Logistics provides the following types of additional services:

  • calculation of rates (calculation of railway tariff) and the development of the optimal route of transportation
  • selection of the most suitable rolling stock (wagons, gondola cars, platforms, tanks, refrigerated cars)
  • advice on the organization and execution of railway transportation
  • coordination of transportation is not according to the plan of formation
  • freight forwarding and full documentary support of transportation
  • development of drawings and schemes of loading, unloading, securing cargo and coordination with the administration of the railway
  • control of fastening of freight on railway platforms and cars
  • paperwork required for the implementation of the cargo
  • monitoring the movement of goods along the route and providing all necessary information to the Customer, including the date and time of arrival of the goods

Being engaged in the carriage of goods by rail, we carry out comprehensive control of the passage of goods at intermediate points of the route, in addition, we provide related services. If necessary, our company will take care of the accompanying documentation and help resolve issues related to customs clearance, organization and execution of loading and unloading operations, as well as delivery of goods directly to the customer’s warehouse.