Road transportion

The company «Absolute Logistics» provides international transportation of oversized, dangerous, heavy, complete as well as groupage cargoes by road.

Directions of road transport

The company specializes in the delivery of goods by road with the countries of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China.

Trucking is deservedly considered an economical and convenient way to transport goods within a country or continent. Among the advantages of this type of transportation are the speed of transporting cargo directly from the sender to the recipient, as well as a high level of control over the condition and location of each cargo.

What do we offer?

We propose to organize the international road transport of your cargo based on our extensive practical experience, which is a guarantee of high quality services. Transport forwarding in cooperation with Absolute Logistics Group of Companies is a professional paperwork, choosing the best route and transport. All specialists of our company have many years of experience in this field of logistics services and work with each client individually. Due to the wide range of our services, we will always find the optimal solution for any task before us in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.

Our specialties

Turning to our company to get high-quality transportation using vehicles, you can count on several positive opportunities at once:

Detailed Logistics Development

This is something without which correct road transportation is simply impossible. Specialists will make sure that thoughtful logistics will help to deliver a specific cargo to a specific destination in the best possible way.

Compliance with Deadlines

This item is also directly related to well-developed logistics. The use of waste cargo networks allows predicting the estimated delivery time and setting the correct dates.

Affordable Price

Carriage of goods by road is one of the most affordable options for transporting goods over long distances.

Long-term cooperation of our company with large auto carriers, careful analysis of the market allows us to offer you a competitive level of rates. Monitoring of the situation on the roads and border crossings and optimization of transportation routes makes it possible to perform international road transport as soon as possible.

The extensive experience accumulated by «Absolute Logistics» specialists during the implementation of their professional activities in the field of logistics allows us to transport goods by road within the shortest possible time, avoiding unintended delays at customs and other factors that increase delivery times.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!