Shipping is a key part of the vast majority of logistics schemes for the delivery of goods. The development of an optimal route scheme for delivery times, reliability of the sea carrier and freight cost is one of the key tasks of the company offering its services in the field of sea freight.

An important feature of the compilation of the route for the delivery of goods is that in most cases operations are carried out between the sender and the recipient, which are located in different states in whose territory their own national laws apply. Therefore, a professional logistics professional familiar with the requirements of the legislation of both parties should be involved in the organization of international transport.

Specialists of our company, who have many years of experience in organizing shipping, can solve any problem of sea movement of all types of cargo and choose the best option in terms of cost and delivery time. We guarantee the reliability, safety and efficiency of delivery of your cargo by sea.

Container cargo shipping

The carriage of goods in containers has several significant advantages:

  • the time of loading and unloading operations is reduced, since all containers have standard sizes and special fastenings, which make it easy to move them with a crane;
  • there is no need to overload the goods when changing the type of transport, which reduces transport costs and thereby increases cash savings;
  • the storage of goods transported in containers does not require storage space, since the container is closed on all sides. The container can be stored directly in the open air, which greatly simplifies the tasks of warehouse logistics;
  • a high degree of cargo safety and the ability to transport containers by any means of transport.

Our company can offer its customers competitive sea freight rates for the transportation of containers in a number of the most popular directions. This is ensured by a large volume of containers that are transported by container lines at the request of our company. Long-term experience of cooperation with agents of container lines gives us the opportunity to receive an answer to a request for the cost of sea freight of containers as soon as possible.